Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint

Imagine your space painted in vivid color patterns from the incredible selection of chalk paint products that are now available. Whether it’s furniture, walls, or other surfaces, you can really bring out the beauty in a space with these chalk paint techniques.

If you want an appealing color distress, simply coordinate two coats of paint with different color tones, with the top coat being a little thinner. You can then buff the surface with an extra fine sandpaper. Finish off by applying clear soft wax with a brush or a lint-free cloth.

Vintage Look Techniques

  • Adding Wax

    You can really get things looking like they are vintage so it fits the rustic appeal of your space. After applying a coat of chalk paint of your chosen color choice, all you need to do is work some clear soft wax into the paint, then remove any excess by wiping and buffing it out.

  • Altering The Surface

    If you have already used the vintage technique, you can even further enhance the sense of antique beauty by removing some of the paint with a fine sandpaper. Another option is to lightly scratch the surface randomly and then work a dark soft wax into those areas.

  • The Right Materials

    All of these techniques are easy to use when you have all the materials you need. We found a place you can buy chalk paint in Houston, but supplies are also available online from professional dealers who know everything about chalk paint and all the possible techniques.